Yom Truah: The Feast of Trumpets

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A joyous Feast of Trumpets! Let’s get filled! Did you know that there is a sponge that can actually hold 90 times its weight in oil? That’s a lot of absorption. That will certainly help to clean up oil spills. We too are like sponges. We absorb! In fact, we are here this morning to absorb, to listen and take in the Word of God, to take in the worship, to drink in the message and absorb the love of fellowship one with another. Imagine if we took in 90 times our weight in God’s love… as if love cold even be measured.
Yes, it is great to absorb, but let’s not forget that sponges also should get squeezed to release what they contain. Let’s not only absorb, but let’s also release what we have soaked up. That is how the heart works; its chambers fill with blood and then that blood is pumped out to give life to the rest of the body. So let’s begin even now by absorbing His Word and then spend the rest of the day getting squeezed that we may bless our neighbor. Let us therefore begin by treasuring the Word of God in our hearts.
Be blessed as you listen in to the message on Yom Truah: The Feast of Trumpets with Messianic leader, Jacques Isaac Gabizon. Chag Sameach and shalom.
Yom Truah: The Feast of Trumpets