Jacques Isaac Gabizon
Messianic Leader/Pastor
I was born in Casablanca, Morocco. I came from an orthodox family, where my grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great grandfather were all rabbis.
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Rémi Payette
What a privilege to be part of a congregation which underscores the importance of presenting the Bible from a Jewish perspective. I am indebted and compelled to share this heritage.
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Simon Sloutsker
Worship Leader
I was born in Moscow, of a Jewish father and a Russian mother. God put stitches in my soul with expert and sensitive fingers.
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Sharon Gabizon
Women and Children’s Bible Teacher/Worship Leader
Born into this world some 60 years ago, I was given a name with a birth certificate to prove it. But now, many years later, married and after having four children and two grandchildren, I am often called by another name … Jacques’ wife or the Pastor’s wife.
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