The Trees that are Slow to Grow Bear the Best Fruit – Molière


How patient should we be? To what extent is godly patience practiced? How many chances should we give to someone who knowingly has bad intentions and wants to harm us? Very often, we act hastily at the first hint of an offense, and we are quick to condemn. Is our patience contained in a shallow vase that needs only a few drops more to overflowing which then pulls the trigger of condemnation? To bring truth even closer to the surface, we need to question the extent to which partiality plays in our rush to rebuke one and not the other. Our quick sentencing of others shows that we are not much better than they are.

What then, should we do when we are confronted with an abuse that makes our hair stand? We turn to the Word of God to find both answer and example; the example of perfect patience, one that is without partiality. This divine attribute is fully developed and exposed in the life of Messiah Yeshua. Our Messiah was  in  fact,  confronted  face  to  face  with  such  an  individual  –  an  individual  who    followed  Him throughout all His ministry, perpetrating a crime that would be remembered as one of the worst ones in the annals of  human history. The offender in question here is Judas Iscariot, who sells the Son of God for what was at the time, the price of a dead slave; 30 pieces of silver.


The Ten Signs at the Cross

10 Signs at the Cross article

The sanctified signature of the Creator surfaced once again with His autograph of love, a relentless appeal for all men to come to salvation.  And this call persists, despite the mistreatments and insults on the person of the Messiah. Oxymoronically, Yeshua’s attempts to bring those  to a  saving knowledge increased as His  own suffering increased. As Yeshua was dying on the cross a series of miracles occurred in the city of Jerusalem. Even at the time of His greatest suffering and in death itself, His pursuit and purpose did not lose foresight, and these signs at the crucifixion prove it.


Pearls of Persecution


There is a unique book store in downtown Montreal. It is situated on a busy street and even though rent is high, the bookstore thrives. This bookstore sells only travel books, maps and any material related to traveling. What this confirms is that many people plan their traveling itineraries beforehand making use of this store. Others may browse the bookshelves and dream about traveling by taking the time to enjoy the visual enticements of  all these destinations. For either group  the planning and perusing in advance of possible itineraries, is their motive and their joy, because when it comes to traveling, getting ready for the trip is half the fun. This preparation time can be therapeutic because it gives us something to look forward to and helps us cope with the stress and anxieties of life. For some, traveling can become their religion…and an expensive one at that! No wonder there are people who, having come back from one trip, are already talking about the next one they’re anticipating taking.


ISRAEL: Who is Israel? Who are the Jews?


For a Bible-believing Christian, the response to this question is crucial because Israel permeates the whole of Scriptures from Genesis through to Revelation. With over 2,600 references to Israel, Scripture devotes 75% of itself to the history of the Jewish people.

Faulty view or perfect vision

Because Israel is woven into every major bible doctrine, a false conception of who she is, will most assuredly affect one’s understanding of the major covenants of the Bible and misdirect the true intent of the Scriptures.

A faulty view of Israel will inadvertently handicap our competency in understanding the fuller purpose of the Church and the great impact she [the Church] is to have on the world and on Israel as well. Often our own preconceived biases of who the Jewish people are hinder us from appreciating all that God has done through her and what He has promised to continue to do with her until His soon return. How many of us have already read the incredible statistics about this people?

Check out Wikipedia’s comprehensive list of the many awards, innovations and contributions she has made to the world, in spite of the fact that she makes up only 0.2% of the earth’s population.


Who Will Have the Leading Edge?

Choosing a Leader but No One is Running
Shalom Friends of Ariel Ministries Canada:
                                                                from Pastor J.Isaac Gabizon, Director
Has Time Magazine inherited a new credential? Can it stand the test of time as a predictor of things to come?  Actuaries do it all the time. Even in the scientific world there is no such thing as chance or fate. All matter falls under the control of laws which govern what is already set in motion. Even in the most notoriously acclaimed game of probability, throwing dice, one would think that chance was the major mover. But is getting the number 6 on a die really just a 1 in 6 chance? Even in such a sport as this, there are influences on the die that will predetermine an outcome. How you hold the die, the speed and height in which you toss it, and what kind of spin you put on it all play into what number will find its way to the top.  Is there really such a thing as chance?  We have our answer. With God, coincidence is contrary to His sovereignty. It is no wonder then, that even a secular political writer can see the facts mounting up, hinting to what the Bible has already predetermined as to what will soon happen.


Sanctifying Christmas

As a young child, I was always quite fascinated by the brilliant multi colored trees displayed during Christmas, silhouetted amidst a beautiful backdrop of snow so white and so delicate. There was joy in those lights, there was an invitation to celebrate something special. But as a Jew, I was unable to reply to that invitation. Jews do not celebrate Christmas. It seemed rather unfair I thought, considering all the great gifts that marked this season, but I knew that I should never expect Santa to come down my Jewish chimney. And while alienation from this festive season lingered for many years, even as a believer in Yeshua today, similar problems of alienation from this holiday surface as it does for many evangelical believers, Jewish or Gentile.


Happy Chanukah! Relocating to a Dedicated Spot




Shalom friends of Ariel Ministries Canada: from J.Isaac Gabizon, director
With all our scurrying about these days have we considered a place to rest, a place to plant our feet and set up our temple?
Chanukah, as many of you know, is about the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem, a glorious victory by the Maccabean family. There was a necessary cleansing of the Temple because it had been desecrated by the Syrian army under Antiochus. 
According to Scripture, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. As we consider Chanukah, a time of personal re-dedication to God, we want to make sure that our temple sits on the right foundation… one which is solid and does not shift with time.  That’s why location is so important.