Sanctifying Christmas

As a young child, I was always quite fascinated by the brilliant multi colored trees displayed during Christmas, silhouetted amidst a beautiful backdrop of snow so white and so delicate. There was joy in those lights, there was an invitation to celebrate something special. But as a Jew, I was unable to reply to that invitation. Jews do not celebrate Christmas. It seemed rather unfair I thought, considering all the great gifts that marked this season, but I knew that I should never expect Santa to come down my Jewish chimney. And while alienation from this festive season lingered for many years, even as a believer in Yeshua today, similar problems of alienation from this holiday surface as it does for many evangelical believers, Jewish or Gentile. Read more…

Happy Chanukah! Relocating to a Dedicated Spot




Shalom friends of Ariel Ministries Canada: from J.Isaac Gabizon, director
With all our scurrying about these days have we considered a place to rest, a place to plant our feet and set up our temple?
Chanukah, as many of you know, is about the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem, a glorious victory by the Maccabean family. There was a necessary cleansing of the Temple because it had been desecrated by the Syrian army under Antiochus. 
According to Scripture, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. As we consider Chanukah, a time of personal re-dedication to God, we want to make sure that our temple sits on the right foundation… one which is solid and does not shift with time.  That’s why location is so important. Read more…