Our God is an Awesome God


Imagine for a moment, that you are planning to go see a 3-D movie. You have heard so much about it, all the special effects and pop-ups that have made this movie a must-see. However, once you come to the cinema, you choose to watch the film without the 3-D glasses.  Much of the dazzling effects will be missed and you will leave the theatre disappointed, cross and cross-eyed!   Similarly, we as believers stand to lose out from seeing the marvelous and awesome wonders of God when we forget to see Him through the wonder of His love. This is so vital, since all the wonders that the Lord does for us and through us cannot be fully appropriated and appreciated unless we understand His wonder-filled love that forms the root of His every work. Missing out on that may leave us dry and once again disappointed.  Read more…

Sanctifying Christmas

As a young child, I was always quite fascinated by the brilliant multi colored trees displayed during Christmas, silhouetted amidst a beautiful backdrop of snow so white and so delicate. There was joy in those lights, there was an invitation to celebrate something special. But as a Jew, I was unable to reply to that invitation. Jews do not celebrate Christmas. It seemed rather unfair I thought, considering all the great gifts that marked this season, but I knew that I should never expect Santa to come down my Jewish chimney. And while alienation from this festive season lingered for many years, even as a believer in Yeshua today, similar problems of alienation from this holiday surface as it does for many evangelical believers, Jewish or Gentile. Read more…