Not long after Beth Ariel was birthed in 1996, some members of the congregation had it on their hearts to begin a street ministry, a door to door outreach to the Jewish people of Montreal. With a population of close to 100,000 and with our Jewish communities demographically knitted so closely together, it was not difficult to identify where to go as long as we always knew to walk behind the prayer support of warriors who backed up the team and of course the Lord who led the way into many conversations.

We have given out more than 1800 bible sets (Old and New Testament) to Jewish homes. We are greatly indebted to the Society for the Publication of Hebrew Scriptures, who has provided these free bibles for distribution to Jewish non believers.

One sows, another reaps but we are all to enjoy the ingathering together.

Welcome to Knock and Talk. Join us in prayer as we go door to door together, sharing the truth of Who Yeshua (Jesus) is.


With God all things are possible


How fast can a prayer request be answered? Check out what happened in Daniel 9. Before Daniel even finished praying, the angel gave him an answer. Let us ask, in faith, believing that our prayers as well can be answered quickly, that joy would so soon fill the heart. That is what one team felt when they prayed for a  particular woman’s attitude to change. And God heard their pleas… when we pray to God, can we not expected the unexpected? With God, all things are possible.


Straight to The Heart

We always ask the Lord to walk ahead of us and to bring these people straight to their doors so that the Word may go straight to their hearts.

Montreal Report: May 6th, 2019

On this lasting outing, we were two teams of two.

Team One:
We met a woman at one door who had a big smile and chatty children in the background. Although busy, she took the set and asked if we wanted a donation. We assured her it was a gift to which she smiled and thanked us twice. She assured us she would read it. A second set was given to a caregiver who popped her head out of the door to say her client was sick in bed. She thanked us quickly and closed the door.
We offered a set to a young man who was amazed by what we were doing. He said he already had a set and we spoke about the rising anti-Semitism and the situation in Israel. The father then arrived and confirmed that they already had a set but thanked us for distributing the bibles.
We then met a lady who claimed to be 92 but looked much younger. She spoke about her loneliness and after giving her a set and taking our leave, we saw her eyes tear up. We asked if we could pray for her. She declined the offer but invited us in to see her poodle and share more. We then remembered her from a few years ago when she had previously accepted a set. She relayed to us about her granddaughter’s illness. She had flown to Florida to be by her bedside, so we were able to encourage her with the Word and how the Lord gives us peace in times of illness. We gave her verses from Isaiah that she might draw strength from. She offered us a drink and we said that perhaps we would be able to visit another time, and that we were unable to stay. Please pray for her daughter and her granddaughter.

From the second Team:

Though we know there are no accidents with the Lord, we inadvertently knocked on the door of the same female Holocaust survivor we visited several weeks ago. She was touched by our return and expressed concern about how much Israel is being targeted these days. She seemed opened to talking. We could feel her grief for the Jewish nation, and her hope in the coming of Messiah. She thanked us for the visit. She did not take the set because she said she could not read the fine print. We left by telling her that the One Who guards Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.
At another door, a Jewish couple was very touched when we spoke abut the prophecies found in the Scriptures, but they declined the set saying that they had their own books and teachings.
We then met a woman who was very welcoming and thanked us for the bible. We encouraged her to read it and saw her desire to know more about the coming Messiah. However, later, she came back to us saying that her daughter said they had all the books they needed for now.
We met another woman who had severe arthritis. She was very welcoming. She told us that she was at first afraid of answering the knocks on the door because she is Jewish. She received the set with joy but explained that since she herself does not read English, she would give it to her daughter. She gave us a hug as we left and thanked us in Hebrew with a warm “Todah Rabbah”.
Another young woman gratefully received the set. Our time with her was short as she seemed busy. When we mentioned the coming of Messiah, she said, with a hint of discouragement, that it’s been a long time that the people have been waiting; in fact, thousands of years. At another door, a man together with his wife received the set. He was indeed a character, jovial yet looking to be evasive when we asked if he would like to read Isaiah 53 with us. He spoke about his reading the Tehillim (the Psalms) everyday, yet he seemed to ramble on about things, in an effort to avoid reading Isaiah. In any case, they were grateful and thanked us for the good work of bringing the Word of God. They invited us to come in for a glass of water. We politely replied that we were going to drink from God’s Word.
At another door we met a tall, strong man with tattoos. He was pleased to receive the Tanakh but absolutely refused the Brit Chadasha. He had a big star of David tattooed on his right arm. We asked him to read Isaiah 53. He was just about to start and then said, “Oh but you know, these Scriptures have to be read in Hebrew to understand them”.
Another man received a set, with the door only half opened, but we still managed to mention that it was a book about the Messiah.
When we came to the last door, we had only a French set left and a Brit Chadasha in English. We thought to go get another English Tanakh in the car downstairs but decided to just stick with the French one we had. The door opened, and the lady said, “Bonjour”! We then gave her the full set in French. C’était magnifique!
In total, for the two teams, seven full sets were handed out as well a one Tanakh.
Here is the report from Calgary, Alberta
This past Easter, a friend of one of the team members asked for a set to be given to a Jewish businessman. He accepted the full set!
Outing: May 5th, 2019
Though we both had a cold, we were so excited to go out because of having to cancel the outings due to the Feast of Passover. We knocked on 11 doors; we had seven respondents, three of which declined our offer and two others who accepted the full set. One accepted just the Tanakh and another young couple accepted the Brit Chadasha!
The first respondent to accept the full set was a 92-year-old widow who invited us to talk with her in her living room. She said that she was very skeptical about religion but was envious of our zeal for God! She seemed very curious about our faith in Jesus and asked if we thought it would be Jesus that will return as Messiah to deliver the Jewish nation and establish the Kingdom! She was very informed about the bible and listened as we expounded on Isaiah 53. We read the first five verses of Isaiah 53 with her and were amazed to see how we provoked her to jealousy.
Another middle-aged Jewish lady answered us. She was all smiles and gladly accepted the full set of Scriptures. We encouraged her to read Isaiah 53.
An older man accepted the Tanakh but declined the Brit Chadasha. As we were walking back to the truck to get another Tanakh, we encountered a young Jewish couple in their car. They did not have the time to wait for us to get the Tanakh so they took just the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) we had in our hand and then drove off.
Please pray for the 92-year-old woman, that the Lord would show her that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. She said she understood that Jesus was born and had died a Jew and she even admitted to His resurrection!!! She had certainly been exposed to Christianity for her to say such things.
Please pray that we can set up an Edmonton Outreach team. We already have one person who is praying about joining us in this ministry!
Thank you for your continued labor of love in prayer for our teams in Montreal and Calgary.

Sliding Forward

Job 37:10 By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast.

But we continue to seek those whose hearts are willing to be broken and contrite before the Lord.


We are pleased to be back at the doors once again. Montreal experienced a lot of ice this winter and our streets were dangerous to maneuver. In fact it was reported that broken bones were sustained at a 60% increase this winter over previous ones. But we continue to seek those whose hearts are willing to be broken and contrite before the Lord. We are eager to share the Good News that could ultimately mend every shattered soul. With God all things are possible.


Revealing the Existence of the Messiah

Even when just the Tanak is given out (without the NT), we know that our Heavenly Father is fully capable of revealing the existence of the Messiah in the Tanakh to all who are thirsty for the truth. “For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me”. John 5:46.
When we bring the message of Yeshua at the doorsteps of Jewish homes, we are ambassadors of His message. That message must be brought reflecting the character of the Kingdom. The fruit of the Spirit, love and joy, peace, patience and gentleness must describe our attitude of heart and mark our conversations. But in your hearts set apart Messiah as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…  1 Peter 3:15


A Religion With Relationship

Is Christianity a religion? It’s religion with a difference. There is relationship. Yeshua doesn’t hate religion; what He hates is pretense and pride in that relationship.  Guard your tongue… that is religion. Look after the orphans and widows and keep from being polluted… that is religion (see the Book of James). Religion is not about that we have done or what we do, it’s about what He has done for us. Because of that, we are in an ever-thankful relationship with Him. Though we walk the street to give out Bibles, our walk with God contains the most important step of our lives- a relationship that changes the direction of where we’re heading.  


Being street wise on the road to Emmaus

Outreach Montreal

Due to the rain, we did not go out on October 28th. This past Sunday (November 4th) proved to be a much better day in terms of the weather. There was one team who had the privilege of giving out two sets and one all English bible. From those who refused the set, they all received the Isaiah 53 pamphlets which includes Talmudic references verifying the suffering servant motif of the Jewish Messiah.  For those who weren’t home we put the Isaiah 53 leaflets and the prophecy bookmarks into their mailbox.

If anyone would like to have this Isaiah 53 leaflet emailed to them, please contact us and let us know.



Changing our presuppositions concerning

the rich and the religious.

Another blessed afternoon was spent last Sunday as we had one team going out into one of Montreal’s wealthier neighborhoods. An amazing correlation was noted. Twelve bible sets and one Tanach were given in just one day. Similarly, on a previous outing, the same number of Bibles was also given out in one of Montreal’s religious neighborhoods. We live with many presuppositions.  We would normally think that the religious and the wealthy would claim they have it all and don’t need to add anything else to their lives. And while that was the declaration of quite a few from both these communities, nevertheless, the greatest number of bible sets in the least period of time saw their way into so many of these same two communities. How do riches and religion get reconciled? How can we mix the two? 1Timothy 6:17-19 gives us the solution:

Instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be conceited and not to put their hope in the uncertainty of wealth, but in God, who richly provides all things for us to enjoy. Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works and to be generous and ready to share, treasuring up for themselves a firm foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life.…


Capturing a portrait God has designed for our eyes

When life is a rush and we don’t take the necessary time to stop, admire and get refreshed, God uses signs to keep reminding us of this need. Fifty kilometers is your maximum, so slow down and soak in all the autumn hues. Going out on a Sunday afternoon has not only allowed us this privilege, but we were also blessed to give out 5 full sets, one English-only Bible and 4 New Testaments. Yes, dear readers, you read that right. Very often in our experience when full Bible sets are offered, some would take only the Tanach and refuse the New Testament. This past Sunday, there was a reversal in the trend. Four individuals said that they already had the Tanach, but not “that little one” (the New Testament is quite a bit smaller than the Old Testament) and so each of these 4 homes took just the New Testament.


A Darkness Which Can Be Felt


As we approach the winter months, going out at night certainly has its demands. The most obvious challenge is how dark it gets so early; so much so that we find ourselves having to feel the doorpost with our fingertips to ensure whether there is a mezuzah there or not. This reminds us of spiritual darkness, where we truly cannot see past our own self-absorption. When the Lord told the Israelites that there would be darkness for three days, as part of the 10 plagues, the darkness was described as one which could literally be felt, just as when Isaac was feeling the arms of Jacob, to test whether he was indeed Esau or not. That is how literal the “feeling” of darkness can go.


Yeshua, the Great Physician: Specializing in curing the incurable

There is controversy out there whether the Bible contains any hidden codes, ways that we can unlock the mysteries of the Word of God. While we agree that numbers in the Bible shed light on God’s revelation to us (ie number 7 represents completion, or rest), we do need to take precaution when considering these more hidden codes in that the openness and revelatory aspect to all becomes limited to perhaps a few “elite” who might seem to uncover and know more…and the intimacy that we can have with God is jeopardized by thinking that there are mysteries we just cannot seem to uncover. What does this all have to do with Knock and Talk?