Not long after Beth Ariel was birthed in 1996, some members of the congregation had it on their hearts to begin a street ministry, a door to door outreach to the Jewish people of Montreal. With a population of close to 100,000 and with our Jewish communities demographically knitted so closely together, it was not difficult to identify where to go as long as we always knew to walk behind the prayer support of warriors who backed up the team and of course the Lord who led the way into many conversations.

We have given out more than 1800 bible sets (Old and New Testament) to Jewish homes. We are greatly indebted to the Society for the Publication of Hebrew Scriptures, who has provided these free bibles for distribution to Jewish non believers.

One sows, another reaps but we are all to enjoy the ingathering together.

Welcome to Knock and Talk. Join us in prayer as we go door to door together, sharing the truth of Who Yeshua (Jesus) is.


His music in our hearts

We sometimes worry about what our neighbors (especially in apartment buildings) might think when our music is just too loud. But how beautiful it is when the sounds of praise reach the recesses of our hearts. Music was therapy for King Saul but the Spirit’s soothing vocals is what gives rise to the true peace we are seeking. Let’s turn up the volume of God’s praise so that all other disturbing waves would be drowned out.


All in a Night’s Work


Sometimes cell phones do not work so well in buildings…but this time it did! We finished it all in one night!

We were three teams this past Monday night. It took us about one hour to find a building that would allow us entrance. Condos are difficult to get into because there often is security at the door.  We did find one apartment building but waited so long because there was no traffic of people going in and out; so finally, we left! Then, we found a building and started our outreach at around the time we usually finish, about 8:00pm. This building had 20 floors but not too many mezuzahs, so we had a cell phone system going where we would call each other and see which team would take which floor, starting from the 20th and working our way down.  And imagine, that we finished the whole building in just one night. God granted us favor as we handed out eight full sets and four Tanakhs.


Slow to speak

Someone once said, the word listen has the same letters that are in the word silent. We met a man who said he was a speaker, but we pray that this speaker would be quick to hear and slow to speak (James 1). Hasty speech proves conceit and ensures defeat (based on Proverbs 18:13).


Dear Readers and Praying Partners, Shalom!

We have two outings to report, one which took place January 20th, where we were one team of two people. The other report took place this past Monday, the 27th of January, when we were two teams.


The Rest of Each Story, God Will Tell!


We have read so many stories from these outreaches, and we have had so many great conversations at the door. We ask, how will each story unfold? We must also not forget all the bibles given out where a conversation did not necessarily take place at the door.  With prayer as a catapult, we look forward to hearing more, even from many unspoken exchanges, for God’s Word and work does not return void.  His pen will finish our story. Yeshua is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2). He brought our new life into being and He will complete the good work that He has begun in us.



Sadly, in the modern orthodox world, the Scriptures are not valued as much as the writings of men. On one of our recent sorties, we saw a refreshing respect and concern for the Word of God which is rather unusual. Read below concerning one such man who showed that the Word is so valuable in his eyes. We pray that this work will bear fruit for eternity as the Spirit reveals the Messiah to the ones who value the inspired Text and truly seek Him. Let’s bring you up to date on reports from three cities where we oversee the distribution of His Word for His people.


Carving out a new life for us… a treat we must never refuse to consider.


Montreal, Quebec

October 28th

There were two teams this evening. Each team gave out one set.


Can we say that we felt a darker than usual spirit being out in the streets that night? Many homes were decked with ghosts and cemeteries, witches’ brooms, and orange lanterns in preparation for Halloween. It was uncomfortable making our way through cotton fabricated spider webs, but we did. Of course, we were not expecting any sort of sweets from those behind the door but wanted instead to offer the nourishment from the Word of God.


Transformed before our very eyes!


Transformed before our very eyes!

It truly is miraculous, the changes that take place when a person comes to saving faith. Ezekiel describes the process for us:
Ezekiel 36:26  I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.
The Lord and His angels see that miraculous transformation in us. Before that actual transfer from the darkness to light takes place, we can sometimes witness visible changes as an individual begins to open up to the truth. Recently, one of the teams saw a man’s hardened face transform into something soft and gentle, as he chose to listen to what we had to say. He went from a flat refusal of the Word to a grateful reception of the gift.


Knocking to Know

We won’t know what people, whether rich or poor, powerful or meek, are truly thinking until we knock.

Tuesday, 6th of August 2019
Knock and Talk report
First team’s report:
Many were not home or did not open their doors. Nevertheless, we still gave out four sets. One woman seemed quite happy to receive a set. However, we had very little conversation at the door. Another woman took a set, thanked us, and said it was a very nice gift!


With God all things are possible


How fast can a prayer request be answered? Check out what happened in Daniel 9. Before Daniel even finished praying, the angel gave him an answer. Let us ask, in faith, believing that our prayers as well can be answered quickly, that joy would so soon fill the heart. That is what one team felt when they prayed for a  particular woman’s attitude to change. And God heard their pleas… when we pray to God, can we not expected the unexpected? With God, all things are possible.


Straight to The Heart

We always ask the Lord to walk ahead of us and to bring these people straight to their doors so that the Word may go straight to their hearts.

Montreal Report: May 6th, 2019

On this lasting outing, we were two teams of two.

Team One:
We met a woman at one door who had a big smile and chatty children in the background. Although busy, she took the set and asked if we wanted a donation. We assured her it was a gift to which she smiled and thanked us twice. She assured us she would read it. A second set was given to a caregiver who popped her head out of the door to say her client was sick in bed. She thanked us quickly and closed the door.
We offered a set to a young man who was amazed by what we were doing. He said he already had a set and we spoke about the rising anti-Semitism and the situation in Israel. The father then arrived and confirmed that they already had a set but thanked us for distributing the bibles.
We then met a lady who claimed to be 92 but looked much younger. She spoke about her loneliness and after giving her a set and taking our leave, we saw her eyes tear up. We asked if we could pray for her. She declined the offer but invited us in to see her poodle and share more. We then remembered her from a few years ago when she had previously accepted a set. She relayed to us about her granddaughter’s illness. She had flown to Florida to be by her bedside, so we were able to encourage her with the Word and how the Lord gives us peace in times of illness. We gave her verses from Isaiah that she might draw strength from. She offered us a drink and we said that perhaps we would be able to visit another time, and that we were unable to stay. Please pray for her daughter and her granddaughter.