Not long after Beth Ariel was birthed in 1996, some members of the congregation had it on their hearts to begin a street ministry, a door to door outreach to the Jewish people of Montreal. With a population of close to 100,000 and with our Jewish communities demographically knitted so closely together, it was not difficult to identify where to go as long as we always knew to walk behind the prayer support of warriors who backed up the team and of course the Lord who led the way into many conversations.

We have given out more than 1800 bible sets (Old and New Testament) to Jewish homes. We are greatly indebted to the Society for the Publication of Hebrew Scriptures, who has provided these free bibles for distribution to Jewish non believers.

One sows, another reaps but we are all to enjoy the ingathering together.

Welcome to Knock and Talk. Join us in prayer as we go door to door together, sharing the truth of Who Yeshua (Jesus) is.


Walk and Talk report June 23, 2021

An Israeli woman asked if we were Jehovah’s Witnesses, which we denied. We offered her the anti-Semitism pamphlet along with the Isaiah 53 leaflet that had rabbinic commentary in Hebrew on the back. Pleased, she said she worked at a nearby Chabad (ultra-Orthodox Jewish center). She got into her car, wishing us a Shabbat Shalom!


Walk and Talk report June 16, 2021

One woman took a set, saying her mother would be pleased as they only had a menorah in their home. While she held the gift, we told her that there would be peace only through the Messiah. She was so happy and said she would never forget that moment.


Walk and Talk report June 9, 2021

We emphasized the importance of reading God’s words in the Tanakh, and not just the first five books, because many of the prophets also help us identify the Messiah. They accepted a Brit Chadasha even though they saw it was the New Testament. Their receptivity was better when they saw it was written in Hebrew.


Walk and Talk report June 2, 2021

He mentioned that Christians are known for being the worst persecutors of the Jewish people. We said that not all who claim the Name are in right relation with God, which satisfied him. He also accepted a bookmark with messianic prophecies before continuing on.


Walk and Talk report May 19, 2021

A young couple exclaimed to us, “We are getting engaged on Monday!” They could not contain their excitement and when we told them that Ruth was about a beautiful love story, they immediately began to read it.


Walk and Talk report May 12, 2021

Reaching Out with a Love Story
She asked if we had “changed” any of the Scripture texts in our literature, but we said that on the contrary, we quoted them directly. She was reluctant to take anything but the scroll of Ruth, but one of us said she could look up messianic prophecy in her own Tanakh from our bookmark, which she finally accepted before heading on her way.


Walk and Talk report May 5, 2021

One of the men wanted the leaflet of Talmudic commentary on Isaiah 53, and was happy to have a bookmark on messianic prophecy so they would know how to recognize the Messiah from the Tanakh.


Walk and Talk report April 28, 2021

She emphatically said that anything that said “New Testament” could not be Jewish. The husband did not want to give back the materials and so he finally accepted our pamphlet on some Talmudic commentaries of Isaiah 53.


Walk and Talk report April 21, 2021

The first lady we addressed was a Holocaust survivor. She told us she had written a book which included 15 reasons why she did not believe in God.


Walk and Talk report April 14, 2021

Oddly, she proudly announced that they were atheists and did not believe in God. We then asked how they managed through the pandemic with no place to look for hope when there was such great loss, but they had no answer.