Not long after Beth Ariel was birthed in 1996, some members of the congregation had it on their hearts to begin a street ministry, a door to door outreach to the Jewish people of Montreal. With a population of close to 100,000 and with our Jewish communities demographically knitted so closely together, it was not difficult to identify where to go as long as we always knew to walk behind the prayer support of warriors who backed up the team and of course the Lord who led the way into many conversations.

We have given out more than 1800 bible sets (Old and New Testament) to Jewish homes. We are greatly indebted to the Society for the Publication of Hebrew Scriptures, who has provided these free bibles for distribution to Jewish non believers.

One sows, another reaps but we are all to enjoy the ingathering together.

Welcome to Knock and Talk. Join us in prayer as we go door to door together, sharing the truth of Who Yeshua (Jesus) is.


God’s Word Does Not Return Void


Shalom chaverim (friends in Hebrew)

Once again I want to thank you for your prayer support. We can never be grateful enough to God and to each one who comes with us in spirit as we bring the Word! We went back to the high-rise apartment buildings and it was a double blessing since we gave a total of 8 sets coupled with some great conversations. We began the evening in a step of faith. Both Sarah and Danielle went to revisit the woman who was not home last week, in order that she might receive the bible they promised her. At first, she did not answer their ring from the lobby. But then, a man passed by and opened the front door for them. They decided to knock on the lady’s door just in case…in case God was there and He was! She opened her door and was very joyful to see Danielle and Sarah and took the set! She didn’t open the door at first because she hadn’t heard the ring……But praise the Lord that He would have this woman called on two times…God repeated the names of at least 7 people… Moses, Moses!! Abraham Abraham!! Martha Martha!! Simon Simon!! And each of these double calls were significant in bible history . This woman had her door rung two times and she answered the call. We pray she will answer the greater call that will lead her through the everlasting doors of eternity. Perseverance pays and there are no returns on this kind of purchase because God’s word does not return void.


A Predetermined Place


Shalom everyone!

Rendez-vous is a French word meaning a predetermined place and time for a meeting. God plans these divine appointments (rendez-vous) with us all the time. But when we recognize those “holy ground” moments, we need to do more than just take off our shoes like Moses did. We need to put off the old self and put on the new self, created after God in true righteousness and holiness. Sometimes when we make too many appointments in a day and have a hurried schedule, we don’t spend enough time together with the Lord, so that He may show us the perfect itinerary for our lives. Yeshua did not meet with the Samaritan woman by chance nor unknowingly discover Nathaniel under the tree. For we are His workmanship, created in Messiah Yeshua for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).Let’s let the Lord be our first rendez-vous each day and let’s let Him direct every appointment we have after that.




“…we prayed and asked the Lord to guide us”

Guideposts are indicators of direction, providing information for travelers who might otherwise be lost. Our Lord reaches out to the lost through our obedience (we believers) to His guidance. Our Knock and Talk team go to “the lost sheep of Israel” (

Matthew 15:24), using guideposts to direct us. Some guideposts are quite large, like the high rise buildings in a neighborhood that help situate where we are. Others are small, little boxes on doors, according to Deuteronomy 6:9

: “You shall write them (the words of God) on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates.” Those boxes, or mezuzot (plural of mezuzah) guide the team to Jewish homes each week. Let’s follow where those guideposts led us this past Monday!

Again, we had a single team for Knock and Talk: Danielle, Sarah and me, Tina.


May I call you saint?



Many who arrived from Europe into America during the early and mid 1900’s had their name changed at Ellis Island (in New York) to a more easily pronounceable one. But when God changes a name, there is a pronounced purpose in doing that. He not only changes the name, but changes the calling and mission of that person. Just think of Abraham, Jacob, and Simon. When God changes a name we look for transformation. As we looked for a Jewish name in the apartment’s directory, we prayed that some person would not only give us entrance into the building, but that their name might one day have the word “saint” attached to it and that their name would be written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life.


The Master Locksmith


The Master Locksmith Who unlocks every door desires to give a set of keys for His Kingdom to each one willing to take it by faith and use it to open up a new world of hope.

On the evening of Monday Feb 15, 2016, we set out for another sortie. We had one team: Danielle, Sarah and me (Tina). We decided to go back to the same building as last week, for there were still more apartments we hadn’t visited yet.

Every week, before we begin the outreach, we pray that the Lord would open and prepare hearts. We recognize that the early Jewish believers in Jerusalem did not necessarily go door to door, but rather spoke every day in the Temple where people gathered, and taught in each other’s homes when possible. Today, instead of people going to the Temple, we take the opportunity to bring the Word of God to them, right into their own home. And we don’t have months and years to sit with them and convince them of the Word, through conversations or through our lifestyle. Sometimes we are given less than a minute and sometimes we have the opportunity for longer conversations, but within that short space of time, we pray a seed would be planted in a prepared heart. And just as Yeshua Himself was so mindful of everyone’s free will, we too must show the greatest respect for the individual’s privacy and choice. Thank you all for your prayers as you come on board with us.


The Threshing-Floors of His Grace

knock and talk 24


Floors may not seem so important until you consider threshing-floors…. Jacob’s death was lamented for 7 days on the threshing-floor of Atad. David built an altar on Ornan’s (Araunah’s) threshing-floor which later became the site of the Temple. Ruth reveals herself to Boaz on his threshing-floor. And tonight on the 7th floor of this building, God allowed the Word to reveal His truth to His own… And on the 12th and in the 15th too!!

Join us for our report of this past Monday night’s outreach in Montreal. As Hughes was still unable to join the team because of an unrelenting cold, the team went out just the same and were blessed, as usual…. This report comes to us from Tina W.


A Foot in the Door Provides Windows of Opportunity

Shalom everyone!

I hope you all had a wonder-filled and revitalizing winter holiday! We are now back on the field, a bit later than we had originally hoped to be, but many unplanned interruptions kept the team apart until now. We thank God that Danielle and Tina were able to go out this past Monday night. As for myself (Hughes), I was stuck at home with a terrible cold that truly knocked me out of service. Could it be that I had taken out, inadvertently, even from my birth, an annual subscription to the cold virus which now appears to unmercifully hit me at least twice during every winter season? This however, does not prevent me from participating, like many of you, in praying for and during Monday night’s outreach.


Privileged to Serve


Shalom everyone!

Since the Feast of Hanukkah starts next week, followed by the Christmas holidays, tonight was our last sortie of the year 2015! The bottom line is that this year was a very good year, spiritually speaking. We obviously decided to continue in the same apartment building as before, but tonight, the door opened right away! A person arrived and opened the door right when we arrived at the site, so we were able to go inside the building right away! Praise the Lord. So, the door opened fast and we can say in the same spirit that so did many people who received the Scriptures tonight! Actually, a total of 8 sets were given out. We are eternally grateful to God to be able to share these precious moments of His love for His People! Although a lot of people were not home, those who were there were very open! It’s true that in December and at the end of spring, a lot of people are not home.