1 Thessalonians sermon 1: The Model Congregation

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In this week’s message, we will hear about faith, love and hope, three vital components in the believer’s life. But faith, love and hope do not work in a vacuum. They work in a living environment as our faith is translated into works of love. This reminds us of the human body and the incredible way muscles, tendons and ligaments join together to produce a balance and grace which allows us to walk using the least amount of wasted energy. The Thessalonians, rich in faith, love and hope had a great reputation even outside their own city. Their reputation surely walked ahead of them.
When we walk and work together in love we are strong, but when anger, contention, bitterness, jealousies, envy, strife… unforgiveness, selfish ambitions are present, our labor of love is halted. Do you know how energy is measured? It’s measured in joules, that is the unit of measurement for energy. Do you know how we and our labors of love are measured? Yes, we become the jewels… Zechariah 9:16 says that God’s people will be like a jewel of a crown… like a banner lifted over the Lord’s land. Talk about a sparkling influence! So let us come now before the Lord in faith, love and in confidence that He will renew us as He gives hope for the heart and strength for the soul.
Be blessed as you listen to the first message from the Book of 1 Thessalonians: “The Model Congregation” with Messianic leader, Jacques Isaac Gabizon. Shalom.
“1 Thessalonians sermon 1: The Model Congregation” by Jacques Isaac Gabizon. Released: 2018. Genre: Vocal.