The Book of Galatians sermon 7

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In this week’s message, we are going to learn about lists…two very special lists in Galatians chapter 5…a list of virtues and a list of vices. The bible has other lists too– including genealogies. Jesus’ has 2 genealogies. His name is mentioned on the top of the list in one genealogy (Luke 3:23) and His name is last on the other genealogy (Matthew 1:16). In our study of the fruit of the spirit, love is mentioned first and self control, that power to restrain selfish desires, permitting the other fruit to operate, is mentioned last… like two stabilizing bookends for a godly walk. This allows us to best serve one another. What kind of to-be list do we have and what is our top priority… because that will affect everything else right down to the bottom of our own list. Let’s be like the Tree of Life which produces not only 12 variations of fruit but bears leaves which heal, as we consider love and kindness and goodness and gentleness that are healing in any relationship. So let us come now to the source of our own healing, to the spirit of the Lord Himself Who can multiply a hundredfold His virtues in us that we might bless and help to heal relationships around us. Come, let’s not be sour grapes or a bad apple. Instead let’s receive of the Lord and feast at His table, and as the bible commanded us from the very beginning.. be fruitful!

Be blessed as you listen in to the message on the Book of Galatians, chapter 5, with Messianic leader, Jacques Isaac Gabizon. Shalom. 

The Book of Galatians sermon 7