Who Will Have the Leading Edge?

Choosing a Leader but No One is Running
Shalom Friends of Ariel Ministries Canada:
                                                                from Pastor J.Isaac Gabizon, Director
Has Time Magazine inherited a new credential? Can it stand the test of time as a predictor of things to come?  Actuaries do it all the time. Even in the scientific world there is no such thing as chance or fate. All matter falls under the control of laws which govern what is already set in motion. Even in the most notoriously acclaimed game of probability, throwing dice, one would think that chance was the major mover. But is getting the number 6 on a die really just a 1 in 6 chance? Even in such a sport as this, there are influences on the die that will predetermine an outcome. How you hold the die, the speed and height in which you toss it, and what kind of spin you put on it all play into what number will find its way to the top.  Is there really such a thing as chance?  We have our answer. With God, coincidence is contrary to His sovereignty. It is no wonder then, that even a secular political writer can see the facts mounting up, hinting to what the Bible has already predetermined as to what will soon happen.
Time Magazine
published a cover article the week of Dec. 28 – Jan.4, 2016, entitled The Year Ahead. While there were many articles in this issue forecasting the world’s future economy, the political scene, and even including predictions in the world of entertainment, one article in particular drew my attention. It is entitled: “The Absence of Global Leadership Will Shape a Tumultuous 2016”.
Author and political analyst Ian Bremmer, an expert on foreign policy, president of Eurasia Group and Global research professor at NYU’s School of Business wrote this for
Time Magazine: “In 2016 it will become unavoidably obvious that the world lacks leadership.”
Mazal Tov! The secular experts have finally come to terms with a reality that had already been predicted 2,500 years ago. Where Bible prophecy meets human history there stands no room for chance. We are living in very exciting times.
Notice the picture that came with the article. When Time Magazine begins to look like the Book of Revelation, you know you are fast approaching the End Times. Mr. Bremmer globe trots the planet and paints a sad state of affairs. We have gone from the great G-7 industrial power group to now include another 13 members. With G-20 comes greater instability because of the lack of commonality among the members concerning their political and economic values and priorities.  As the article infers, if we do not have a common vision, we face a G-0 world. Where is that leader who can reconcile all our differences?
The article goes on to ask who will take the lead in overpowering and decimating ISIS and other terrorist groups. Bremmer points out the diverse directions each of the superpowers are taking, focusing on their own needs and ideologies. China cannot take the lead as she is too nationalistic in her interests, bent on revitalizing communism.  Europe is now terribly preoccupied with newly arrived immigrants while attempting to keep its most western ally, England, in the loop. Who then will take the lead? Bremmer admits that America’s once predominant influence is fading fast and the Middle East is a hot bed for a hellish nightmare. Iran fears Western influence while the Saudis see their once oil rich cartel drying up with dwindling prices on their most precious export.
Is Angela Merkel really the Person of the Year 2015 (selected by Time Magazine)? She would desperately need to keep Europe together in a strong moral framework despite the threat of jihadists’ destructive bents and at the same time try to save countries from bankruptcy.
Who will lead us? We have a G-0 situation and according to Bremmer, only a global emergency of a catastrophic level will bring out a leader or at least bring some global cooperation that would eventually lead to stability. With advanced cyberspace development having the potential to unify so many worldwide, are we drawing closer to the reality of the Apostle John’s prediction of the validity and reality of the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:17-18)?
Who will take the lead? There will be one and he will be in high demand. He will live out the title of Antichrist. How soon will he take the reins from those leaders — powers who would be ready to drop their buck to an even greater authority than themselves?  No one knows but God.
The Book of Revelation tells us that the Antichrist is coming on a white horse, white being the color of peace. But as you read on, the horse changes color to red for war, to black for famine and to pale for death until the real leader, the Messiah will come and bring a true and lasting peace on earth.
In his book “Every Nation for Itself“, Mr. Bremmer writes that G-0, the state into which our world is presently headed, (that is, without a leader) cannot be sustained for very long, giving it not more than 5-15 years. He calls this period of time “an incubator of catastrophe” (p.152).
“In a G-0 world”, Bremmer confirms, “the Middle East and Asia will generate more turmoil than any other region.”  What is intriguing in these predictions is that Israel is not mentioned much — when in Bible prophecy Jerusalem is set in the midst of the nations and the countries around her (Ezekiel 5:5). Perhaps we are at a time when the nations of the world are being prepared to receive their infamous leader, something they are now feeling the need for. Soon after that, the prophecies of the very end will take effect as God who spoke through Zechariah said:
For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem (Zech.14:2).

Chance does not exist in God’s realm of authority, yet in His mercy He gives each one of us a chance to know Him, to love Him, long for Him and hand over the reins of our will so that He may reign over our lives.

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